We help manufacturers, service providers and small business owners from a wide range of commercial categories "gadget their stuff", by reinventing their goods’ commercial addressability from a modern marketing perspective and by blending them with other products and services in a unique way.
Our services aim to expand our clients’ sales to modern and sophisticated publics, with attention for details and preference for unique. Our expertise in the psycho-economics of this large target segment brings value to our customers even in unfriendly economic situations, when the need of certain emotional experiences can be fulfilled by acquiring products and services touched by Gadget’s know-how.
In order to gadget your product or service, this is what we can do for you:
- Analyze the distinctive features of the product you chose for development
- Create a marketing profile for your product or service
- Gather essential information about niche targets addressable for what you sell
- Recommend effective strategies to enter the identified niche markets
- Help implement the strategies and market your reinvented product or service
Start-ups are welcome as well.
your stuff
In addition to the core process of creating a strategy to “gadget your stuff” we can help you complete different connected tasks using our branches for the following services:
Advertising agency
Copywriting, graphic creation, brand identity
Online and interactive (graphics and software development) services
Audio and video production
Promotional materials' production
Events and on-site promotional actions
Web and graphics
for start-ups
Site templates
Low-cost online hosting
Logo and other graphic templates
For unique design services and custom software please use our advertising agency services.
Promotional gadgets & gizmos
For small quantities, personal use or sample purpose you can buy our products online.
You will find in our store:
gadgets & gizmos
promotional items
novelty items
corporate gifts and coupons
cool incentives
For larger quantities and personalized items please use our advertising agency services.