Who we are
Gadgets S.R.L. was founded in 2005 by Alexandru Cautis, a young entrepreneur whose vision was to supply the need of uniqueness on casual products identified on a large Romanian public, especially by the means of e-commerce which also was beginning to mature at that time in Romania.
The cumulated experience of its core group and projects’ collaborative teams gathered skill points for Gadgets in the following years mainly in fields of marketing, project management, online development and international commerce.
A strategic partnership was established in 2009 with a group of advertising and communication companies, partnership that brought to light numerous image campaigns and advertising projects.
Today, our focus activity is the development of “marketing products” for our clients as well as for our unique brands, a natural intersection of all business fields where we have been successful since the beginning.
We want to offer excellent service in the process of creating “marketing products” and also to use our skills adaptively to a large segment of clients. That is why we also offer more traditional services through dedicated branches of our company: an advertising hub and an online small-business oriented division.
We are commited to support and add value to our customers business.
Learn how Gadgets helps you sharpen your competitive edge.